Wolf Trap: Outdoor music and picnic

Wolf Trap (Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts) is a concert hall located in a national park land. There are normal seats like any theatre, but most importantly they have a lawn area where you can sit and have a picnic with your own food and drinks (alcohol) while listening to the music, how great is that?

Last year we went to Wolf Trap for a concert by Rufus Wainwright and we fell in love with the place. It’s ideal to go in the summer. We had seats inside but the concert hall structure is open so you can see the trees and hear the crickets.


If you want to sit on the lawn it’s advised to arrive before the gates open so that you secure a place, as it gets crowded.

We suggest that you check the upcoming performances at Wolf Trap and if there is one you like it’s worth getting tickets, as you’ll enjoy the location just as much.

Located in Vienna, VA, Wolf Trap is a 17 mile-25 minutes car ride away from DC and is also accessible by metro+bus.

Leave a comment if you’ve been to the Wolf Trap or you are keen to visit it!

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Great page! Haven’t been here myself, but looks like fun.

Brendan Wightman

Easy life, Cecilia Galarza!

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