Wolf Trap: Outdoor music and picnic

Wolf Trap (Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts) is a concert hall located in a national park land. There are normal seats like any theatre, but most importantly they have a lawn area where you can sit and have a picnic with your own food and drinks (alcohol) while listening to the music, how great is that?

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Visit near DC: Annapolis

Only 32 miles away from DC (an hour-trip by car) is Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. It’s a perfect day trip for a sunny relaxed Saturday visiting the waterfront, having seafood and doing some shopping.

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Bike Day Trip: Capital Crescent and Rock Creek trails

Spring is finally with us, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy nature and do some exercise.

Some may say that summer is just as good – those that don’t know what DC summer is like, or are really into sweating.

There are two cycling trails that will take you closer to the woods, but not too much into the wild. These are the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) and the Rock Creek Trail (RCT). Both connect downtown DC with Bethesda’s city center. You can go both ways on one trail, but what I like the most is to start the day cycling the CCT, and after a restoring lunch in Bethesda, come back to DC on the RCT. Both trails are perfectly achievable to someone that doesn’t exercise regularly/is a coach potato (like me).

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Wonder at the Renwick Gallery

Don’t miss this awesome exhibition, it will close soon*! We checked the nine installations displayed at the Renwick Gallery and in just a quick one-hour visit we were thrilled by the big, astounding works. They all somehow evoke nature, our main source of wonder and admiration, but the making-of behind them is also thrilling

*second-floor galleries on May 8 and first-floor galleries on July 10, 2016

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